Holiday Gift Guide for Him

I’m a little later with this list, but if you are looking for some last minute gift ideas I had a little help with this list from my partner!

01. Xbox Controller– $40 – Michael just bought himself a new RED one. The joysticks get worn out and they could always use a fresh controller.

02. Hiking Socks – $19 – These are comfortable and have cushion on the bottom. Great for hiking.

03. Cologne – $96 – There are too many scents to suggest just one! Go to the store for this one.

04. Pocket Knife – $190 – He carries this one comfortably in his pocket and it always comes in handy.

05. Leather Key Ring – $21 – I bought this as a gift to him two years ago and he still uses it. All credit for this recommendation goes to Young House Love! 🙂

06. Sports Beanie – $34 – This one is fleece lined! Go birds!

07. Airpod Pro – $230 – Great for hands free phone calls and listening to music or podcasts.

08. Apple Watch – $250 – Another great accessory if you already have an iPhone! Great for automatically tracking exercise, quickly sending and receiving texts, and phone calls.

09. Yeti Water Bottle – $50 – Keeps ice frozen for days.

10. Slippers – $64 – The slip on ones are great for throwing on around the house!

11. Sunglasses – $163 – These are a classic shape that looks great on everyone.

12. Insulated Vest – $90 – Great for layering and can be dressed up or down.

13. Woven Golf Belt – $45

14. JBL Bluetooth Speaker – $45 – Easy clips on to your bag, waterproof and has up to 10 hours of play time.

15. Dress Shirt – $109 – For those men who are returning to the office, these are some of the nicest dress shirts.

16. Trucker Hat – $25 – Find out his favorite craft beer manufacturer and I’m sure they’ll have a trucker hat available for purchase.

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