faux AGED VASE tutorial

Turn any thrifted vase into a beautiful piece of home decor on a budget. I’m always looking for unique pieces to style side tables, mantles, or open shelving. Whenever I stop into thrift stores (Goodwill!) I’m looking for pieces with unique shapes that are in style right now. Even if I hate the colors or the patterns, I know that as long as I have a good base I […]

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  • Installing Privacy Film

    Installing Privacy Film

    The only room that was recently renovated in our house was the upstairs bathroom. It had a questionable paint choice and some outdated details we had to touch up, but ultimately was the easiest place to put a little bit of energy to get finished. The walls were painted teal blue, the light fixtures were […]


  • Buying a House in 2022

    Buying a House in 2022

    Buying a house in 2022 was like trying to get on a moving train with infrequent stops. You had to be prepared and you had to be willing to risk a lot more to get a seat. There are a few things we did while searching and preparing for our home buying journey that made […]


  • Pearl House: My First Estate Sale

    Pearl House: My First Estate Sale

    We bought this house “AS IS” which means that the previous owner left everything in place including all their junk. But was it junk? For a goodwill-loving, trash-picking, thrift-flipper like myself this was not junk! The home was owned by an older woman who had passed and left it to her son. It contained an […]


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