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  • Light Fixture Round Up

    Light Fixture Round Up

    After a full renovation at the Pearl House, I had a ton of new light fixtures to bedazzle the place with. Here is a roundup of all the light fixtures I used in the house. Since I was flipping this house in a neighborhood that’s still on the fringe, I chose some affordable yet designer […]

  • How to Build Heavy Duty Open Shelves

    How to Build Heavy Duty Open Shelves

    Open shelving in the kitchen has been on trend for a while now and doesn’t look like its going anywhere. It is a practical way to display decor items or if its in a kitchen, provide easy access to frequently used kitchen essentials. When I remodeled the kitchen in my West Philly renovation, I knew […]

  • The Story of Pearl House

    The Story of Pearl House

    In early 2020 I sold my first property (the 203k renovation) and we moved into a rental apartment in mid 2020. By late 2020 I was bored and ready for another renovation property. I networked with my local real estate investing community and was able to find an off-market property in the West Philadelphia neighborhood […]

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