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  • Holiday Gift Guide for the DIY-er

    Holiday Gift Guide for the DIY-er

    Here are a few things that have made my life so much easier throughout all my home projects. 01. Laser Measuring Tool – $40 – I don’t go to any showings or design meetings without this tool in my bag. Its fantastic for getting accurate room measurements. It even calculates area for you! 02. Tool…

  • Holiday Gift Guide for Her

    Holiday Gift Guide for Her

    For the first time ever, I’m pulling together a list of holiday gift items that are either on my list or I already own. 01. Madewell Trouser Socks – $12.50 – There is nothing better than having a cozy pair of socks to pull on. Madewell has been my go-to for stylish, warm, and soft…

  • Installing Privacy Film

    Installing Privacy Film

    The only room that was recently renovated in our house was the upstairs bathroom. It had a questionable paint choice and some outdated details we had to touch up, but ultimately was the easiest place to put a little bit of energy to get finished. The walls were painted teal blue, the light fixtures were…

Hi! I’m Kristy Pedersen. I’m renovating houses in Philadelphia and sharing the process one step at a time.