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  • Scrap Wood Storage Shelves

    Scrap Wood Storage Shelves

    Since we moved into our home in July, we’ve struggled a bit with storage and organization. We immediately started fully renovating the second floor which will eventually be our master bed, master bath, closet, laundry and guest room. Right now the floor is a work site and storage for tools. The first floor is storing…

  • Holiday Gift Guide for Him

    Holiday Gift Guide for Him

    I’m a little later with this list, but if you are looking for some last minute gift ideas I had a little help with this list from my partner! 01. Xbox Controller– $40 – Michael just bought himself a new RED one. The joysticks get worn out and they could always use a fresh controller.…

  • Holiday Gift Guide for the DIY-er

    Holiday Gift Guide for the DIY-er

    Here are a few things that have made my life so much easier throughout all my home projects. 01. Laser Measuring Tool – $40 – I don’t go to any showings or design meetings without this tool in my bag. Its fantastic for getting accurate room measurements. It even calculates area for you! 02. Tool…

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