Holiday Gift Guide for the DIY-er

Here are a few things that have made my life so much easier throughout all my home projects.

01. Laser Measuring Tool – $40 – I don’t go to any showings or design meetings without this tool in my bag. Its fantastic for getting accurate room measurements. It even calculates area for you!

02. Tool Bag – $53 – This is a great heavy duty tool bag with plenty of pockets to hold all your tools big or small.

03. Lock Box – $40 – Sometimes I still need to hire contractors and this is perfect for giving them access to the house when your not home.

04. Paint Brush Set – $10 – I can’t believe the price on these! Great brushes with angled edges for cutting in trim or corners.

05. Corded Corner Cat Sander – $59 – This one is on my list for getting into all the corners! This Orbital Sander would work too if they don’t already have a sander!

06. Headlamp – $20 – Hear me out.. we bought these for rock climbing, but they have come in handy for DIY projects!

07. Safety Glasses – $39 – These stylish glasses come in so many different colors and shapes.

08. Laser Level with Tripod – $109 – I have a cheap version and wish I had one with the 360 degree angle! This is so useful especially if you live in an old house 😉 .

09. Pocket Hole Jig – $85 – This woodworking jig makes creating pocket holes so easy! I was able to use this when I was a member at a maker space in Philadelphia.

10. Bose Soundlink Bluetooth Stereo – $130 – Connects to your phone for easy listening! I got this as a gift a few years ago and still use it constantly.

11. Drill Bit Set – $30 – Having a full set is necessary!

12. Carhartt Hat – $20 – This is just for style points.

13. Digital Protractor – $39 – If you’ve ever tried replacing baseboards in old houses you will know the struggle. This tool is great for getting odd angles.

Gift cards to Home Depot, Wayfair,, Harbor Freight, or Amazon are also appreciated if you can’t find something on that list!

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Hi! I’m Kristy Pedersen. I’m renovating houses in Philadelphia and sharing the process one step at a time.

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