Scrap Wood Storage Shelves

Since we moved into our home in July, we’ve struggled a bit with storage and organization. We immediately started fully renovating the second floor which will eventually be our master bed, master bath, closet, laundry and guest room. Right now the floor is a work site and storage for tools. The first floor is storing the rest of our furniture and cardboard moving boxes that we haven’t been able to unpack.

Since we still have stacks of storage bins to put away I wanted to have a place to easily access them if we ever need to use them. With a few 2×4’s and scrap wood from other projects or dismantled projects around the house, my mom and I were able to design and build a new storage shelf for the basement.

I’ve compiled a material and cut list if you want to replicate the project yourself. We got creative and ended up having an extra door to use as the top shelf, while using a dismantled table for the other shelfs.

I designed my shelves specifically for clear storage bins that I have in various sizes. If you would like to use similar storage bins this one from Home Depot is great!

Once your three shelf supports are assembled, the next step is to attach them to the posts. To make sure you make everything level, you have to attach the shelf supports to the same position on each post. On one post mark where you are going to put each shelf. Then place all four posts next to each other. Using a speed square, transfer your mark across all four posts.

I left about 4″ above the top shelf, 4″ below the bottom shelf, and centered the third between those. You can use the above dimensions (measured from the bottom up) if you want to follow my process.

The last step is optional if you have uneven floors. I made this shelf perfectly level so in order to fix it I will have to shim the posts. We used wood shims from home depot and scrap wood. If you know where you want this shelf to live (forever) you can modify the design to include the variation in heights from post to post.

For the top of the shelves we painted old 1×12’s that we had found around the house with a satin finish paint I bought off the “oops” shelf at Home Depot. The paint cost $9 for a gallon. The 1×12’s made up the bottom and middle shelf. We used an old hollow core door for the top shelf! This project was all about repurposing and making functional storage room in the basement. We were looking to get it done quickly and inexpensively.

If you don’t have enough material for the shelves, I included a measurement for plywood in the cut list above. Lowes and Home Depot both will cut down plywood for you.

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