Installing Privacy Film

The only room that was recently renovated in our house was the upstairs bathroom. It had a questionable paint choice and some outdated details we had to touch up, but ultimately was the easiest place to put a little bit of energy to get finished. The walls were painted teal blue, the light fixtures were outdated and the window coverings were very grandma chic.

Here is the before:

The old lace windows treatments layered over white indoor shutters provided adequate privacy but was not the vibe we were going for. They were also more difficult to keep clean. We opted to remove the cluttered blinds and opt for an easy-to-install window film.

We bought this Frosted Reeded Glass Privacy Film on Amazon. It was extremely easy to install, allows much more light into the bathroom, easier access to open and close the window, and a cleaner look overall.

How to Install

I was deep cleaning my windows so I removed them entirely and place them on sawhorses to install the film. You can install them while the window is in place as well.

Following the instructions from the manufacturer, first prepare a spray bottle with soapy water. I used an empty Grove cleaning bottle. Spray a generous amount on the window surface. Some reviewers found it easier to cut the film first and then install it vs trimming with an exacto or utility blade in place. I found it easier to cut it in place.

Place your film on the window and push to one corner. Trim each side as close as you can to the edge using a sharp utility blade. It is very important to use a sharp blade so you get one clean cut. The film is thin and transparent so it’s difficult to cut into the same spot twice if you don’t make it through the first time.

Once your film is trimmed use a squeegee to push the air bubbles and water to the edge of the film. I didn’t have a squeegee, so I used my Chase Sapphire card which worked great. Use a paper towel to soak up the water from the edges. If you’re having trouble getting air bubbles out you can still lift the privacy film and reset it!

Here is a before and after of the film in our bathroom window!

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