Light Fixture Round Up

After a full renovation at the Pearl House, I had a ton of new light fixtures to bedazzle the place with. Here is a roundup of all the light fixtures I used in the house. Since I was flipping this house in a neighborhood that’s still on the fringe, I chose some affordable yet designer looking options that would impress buyers.

I kept within a gold and black color theme. Even though you might not be visually seeing all the fixtures at once maintaining a similar style and color helps unify the home.

Shop the Lights

  1. Folksmate Dusk to Dawn Outdoor Wall Light – We used this for the outdoor sconce light and it added so much curb appeal. (Similar lights: 01, 02, 03)
  2. Linea di Liara Caserti Mid Century Modern Chandelier – My favorite light and the fixture I based all the other fixtures around. I loved the gold accent and the white opaque globes. It looks so balanced and unique. This fixture comes in so many other finishes, but I picked gold to add a little femininity to what was shaping up to be a more rigid masculine kitchen design. The mounting style worked perfectly for what we needed since it only needs one electrical wire to drop down from the ceiling.
  3. Pro Track Track Light – I wanted a fixture for the living room that provided a lot of reach and stayed within the same family. This track light is modern and functional without breaking the bank.
  4. LNC Black and Gold Swing Arm Sconce – I loveee this fixture! At first I was going to put this over the kitchen sink, but as the kitchen design evolved I knew it wasn’t going to fit. I pivoted and decided to use it in the powder room on the first floor and its fabulous.
  5. Brixury Gold Semi Flush Ceiling Light – This cutie went in the upstairs hallway. I loved the simplicity and how the shape of it references the chandelier over the island downstairs
  6. ShineTech Bathroom Vanity Sconces – These come as a pair and are great to put on either side of the mirror! Since they don’t come with light bulbs, I got these decorative Edison style bulbs.
  7. Tayola LED Ceiling Light – Comes in 3 different color temperatures and is great for lighting a whole room. I used these in all the bedrooms and one in the kitchen. This is when you don’t want an accent light and just want something simple to blend in!
  8. Litfad Small Cylinder Ceiling Light – This was a tricky one to find and to install. I needed a very little light for over the kitchen sink that still fit under the cabinet. This one is tiny and does the job!

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