Its Official!! I Sold My First House!

I’m going rogue on my Wednesday post day because this is too good not to share!

MY HOUSE SOLD TODAY! I repeat: I no longer own a house as of TODAY! It’s official!! After 3 years of owning, renovating, and living in this beautiful home today marks the last day I can call it mine. I am blessed to have an amazing support system in my family, friends, and most importantly partner Michael I’ve gone through nervous breakdowns, days of sheer happiness, so many tears and yet so much laughter here and Michael has stuck with me through it all. My friends Bri and Sam let me invade their space for 8 months while the renovation got finished and listened to me whine about the contractor. My parents always gave me the confidence to go after my dreams and helped in every way possible when they saw an opportunity. Find yourself a support system of people that love and care about you! It truly makes all the difference.

If you aren’t familiar with this project, this is one I renovated using an FHA 203k Renovation Loan! I put 3.5% of total project costs down and was able to turn this 1400 sf house into my dream house! I lived here for two years, and put it up for sale in March 2020.

I am so excited and would love to share some after images of how the house looked when I left it today.

The view from the front bay window towards the living room area.
The view from the front door into the living room area.
View from the Kitchen towards the front door.
Master bedroom view looking at back of the house.
Master Bathroom
Second Bedroom
Second Bedroom

I would like to thank my real estate agent, George Maynes, for an impeccable job! This was probably one of the most challenging times to navigate a home sale. We listed it as a coming soon for two weeks and then put it on the market – all while Philadelphia was under the strictest stay at home orders. He organized a virtual broker’s open, virtual tours, virtual open houses, and handled all the showings. He found the perfect buyer and I could not be more pleased with him! If you are in the Philadelphia area, definitely check him out!

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