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  • Its Official!! I Sold My First House!

    Its Official!! I Sold My First House!

    I’m going rogue on my Wednesday post day because this is too good not to share! MY HOUSE SOLD TODAY! I repeat: I no longer own a house as of TODAY! It’s official!! After 3 years of owning, renovating, and living in this beautiful home today marks the last day I can call it mine.…

  • We Signed a Lease!

    We Signed a Lease!

    We signed a lease on an apartment and we could not be more excited!! The apartment is in an old warehouse building which our new landlords purchased and renovated 15 years ago. The current tenant is a business which outgrew their current space and will now be moving into a larger unit in the same…

  • Getting the House Ready for Sale in COVID-19

    Getting the House Ready for Sale in COVID-19

    What a strange time it is. In Philadelphia, all non-essential businesses were closed in March, which included real estate transactions. When it first happened, everyone was a little freaked out about going anywhere. People were hoarding toilet paper and cleaning supplies.. not leaving their houses.. and it was impossible to really get anything done. I…

Hi! I’m Kristy Pedersen. I’m renovating houses in Philadelphia and sharing the process one step at a time.