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  • Low Maintenance Desert Backyard in Vegas

    Low Maintenance Desert Backyard in Vegas

    This week I tackled a different kind of project; I drew plans to update a backyard in Las Vegas! The backyard is for a friend of my brother’s. She has a 14′ x 55′ rectangular backyard in the lower desert region of Las Vegas. I live in Philadelphia, where the backyards are also small but […]

  • Broke the Budget on the Rental Rehab

    Broke the Budget on the Rental Rehab

    I wanted to give a good breakdown of my anticipated costs and the overall costs of the “rental” rehab. My overall budget was $25,000 and my all in cost was $25,242.91. I’d count that as a win in what was an overall fluke of a project. If you haven’t read about it you can find […]

  • Field Card Gallery Wall

    Field Card Gallery Wall

    Last Spring Michael and I took a vacation to San Francisco, Yosemite Valley and Sequoia National Park. The trip was spectacular and opened my eyes up to such beautiful landscapes and unfamiliar plant species. I found these ‘field cards‘ in one of the park stores and knew I had to get them. Each one is […]

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