Black Creators to Follow Now!

Last week I took a break from the blog between moving and making room for the movement, it wasn’t the right time to talk about home design and DIY. America is in outrage over the death of George Floyd. The fight against systematic racism and injustices towards Black Americans have rightly been the focus. As a White woman born into a system built to see me succeed, I have taken a step back to listen and learn about the impacts of racism in my life and how I can do better.

It has been very refreshing to see major bloggers like Sherri of Young House Love or Julia from Chris Loves Julia promote some incredibly talented black content creates, makers, and businesses over the past week. My content feed is full of fresh ideas and talented people of color. This is a wake up call to branch out and explore beyond what the Instagram algorithm would feed you and what I’ve been subconsciously subscribing myself to.

I’ve been taking the time now to create content less and just listen. Listen to what black people have to say and learn from it. Below is a short list of few of my favorite content creators right now in no particular order.

Our Nest on Powell – Danielle is a DIY home renovator queen with great style.

This Borrowed Home – Another great DIYer, Taneika is designing and renovating her rental home.

Attiyah Blair – Philadelphia Real Estate boss. I love her tips on Instagram.

Kiyonda Powell Design Studio – Proof that color makes the room.

Sweet Potato Soul – Great vegan recipes that are so simple and delicious.

Harriett’s Bookshop – Black owned bookshop in Philadelphia.

Baily Li Interiors – Since moving into a loft I’m getting major ideas from her insta feed.

Allison Ford Art – Her painting process is mesmerizing and the end result is even more so!

Flynanced – Cinneah is crushing financial goals and making cool charts to prove it.

My Cozy Corner – It’s like she plucked my perfect home out of my head and made it her own. Serious goals.

Maggie Simpkins – Drop dead gorgeous bespoke jewelry handmade in Los Angeles. I love the oval cuts!

Our Rich Journey – This couple retired early in Portugal and share every detail how you can too.

Handmade-Haven – DIY projects galore and shares all the progress and plans so you can too!

Nubi Interiors – Carmeon’s Instagram feed is dark and moody and so so dreamy!

Nest Twenty Eight – Always providing the most beautifully styled pictures!

Lux Pad Interiors – This design firm in NYC has such a beautiful luxurious style.

Dress My Room – This shop really gets me with the vintage touches.

I am so excited to continue watching, growing and learning from People of Color. Michael and I just moved into our new apartment and we are in the process of unpacking and SOON we will be in the process of re-decorating/re-organizing. I’m definitely going to look to Sherri’s list of Black-owned businesses to support when we start.

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